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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

Welcome Back! As some of you remember, each Tuesday I send out two technology websites for the community to check out. Please feel free to suggest sites that you think I should include in my weekly email. I'm going to be using Google Documents and publishing these as a Webpage. You can always use this link to see all of the Two for Tuesdays for the year.

1. Our Belmont Hill Social Network:
I want to invite you all to join a social network that I set up for the Belmont Hill community using Many of you may be familiar with Ning if you have used it in your classes. Ning is a social network, only open to members of the Belmont Hill
community, that allows you to share ideas (perhaps revive the world
issues conference), photos (from your travels), videos and even
write a blog post (reflect on your summer) if you feel like it. If you would like to join the group, please go to and request membership. Use your Belmont Hill email address to sign up, add your photo (please use an actual photo of yourself) and use your given name so we know who you are.

2. Gmail Tips - Become a Gmail Ninja
This is a great resource for learning how to use our new email system more efficiently. There are tips for every level of user from novice (white belt) to expert (Gmail master). No matter where you are on the spectrum, I think you will learn something new by checking this site out.

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